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 Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Listed below are the most questions we get every day!  

    Bars and Restaurants, we offer a free pick up of your chipped plates, lipstick stained glasses, wine bottles and other glass items. We leave you a tote and set up a scheduled pickup date and time.
    Cleaning out a home? Junk hauling? or anything else that you do. We'll take those smashable items off your hands.
    If you clean out or flip homes, are a property manager, we want to help you. Leave a pile for us and we will come by and get it
    Cleaning out a non-payment locker? Contents aren't worth selling? Consider Donating! Leave a pile for us and we will come by and get it.
    Did someone donate a broken TV or Appliance. Give it to us! We'll come take it off your hands and save you the cost of getting rid of it yourself!
  • What Are Your Sizes for Safety Gear?
    Our hard hats/face shields are one size fits all. Gloves are M/L/XL. We have coveralls from Small adult to 2XL. You must wear safety gear at all times while actively breaking. We also have cut proof boots for rental 7-12 Mens
  • Do I Have To Wear The Safety Gear?
    You must wear all safety gear that we provide while inside of break rooms.
  • Is There An Age Limit?
    We are 16+ for our 3 standard break rooms, no age limit for our childrens break room. Minors ages 16-17 must have at least 1 parent/guardian present per group, in the building to participate but they do not have to be in the break room with them.
  • What Should I Wear and Bring?
    It is recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants (preferably good jeans) and good shoes. You MUST bring photo ID.
  • What Kind of Shoes Can I Wear?
    You should wear a pair of good shoes with a solid sole, must be closed toe and the entire foot must be covered. Flats, Crocs, Tennis shoes & Heels are NOT permitted. *staff reserves the right to deny breaking session or require rental of boots if available!
  • Can I Bring My Own Safety Gear?
    Guests are not allowed to bring their own safety gear due to liability concerns.

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